Student Moving to BA


Sep 3, 2006
Hey, Im new to this group and was looking for some information on BA, let me give you some details of my situation
Im a Canadian university student and will be moving to BA next March 07. Ill be attending the Universidad Catholica Argentina for a year. I've been told by the university that rent in BA is usually around $180-200US; however, Ive been looking at these rental sites and I get the feeling that those numbers are slightly 'off'. Essentially, Im looking for a cheap apartment in a safe barrio thats close to the UCA campus, and I guess idealy I really just want a place where I can fully appreciate the culture and live like a porteno, and cheer for River Plata or Boca Juniors (umm...well i guess that will have to depend on where i live first..right)

So if anyone has any advice on finding cheap apartments for a year, or just general advice on making the move to BA it would be more than welcomed
Riaz ([email protected])
p.s. I wanted to buy a guitar (classical) when i move there, does anyone know price ranges?
Please, check this article.

Ask your university if they can provide you with assistance for renting an apartment and in particular if they can give you a garantia or something similar to it. If you are talking about UCA buildings in Puerto Madero, San Telmo is within walking distance and may be a good choice.
Acoustic guitar prices are 100-600 pesos. There are a lot of musical instrument stores on calle Sarmiento between Parana and Callao.