Student Visa Question


I am from the US dating a man that lives in Argentina. Next month I am planning on going down to live with him (we have both visited each other in the US and Argentina but going back and forth is very expensive). I am 20 years old and have completed my AA at a college here in the US and would like to continue my education in Argentina. My main question is if you can get a student visa from most schools or if it only is available from big universities. The school I am interested in is pretty tiny (does not even have a website).
Or, another question - would it be easier to set up a trust fund here in the US and get a passive income visa? If I've understood other posts on this forum correctly, I can just show that income to prove I have an income, right?
I just want to know the best way to go about living in Argentina legally since I want to stay here until my boyfriend finishes his schooling and moves back to the US with me (maybe 2-3 years?). It would be nice to be able to work, too, but I don't know if I'll find someone willing to hire me.
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You can get a student visa if the university you'll be attending is accredited by the Ministerio de Educación. I'd recommend either you or your boyfriend call and ask someone who would know FOR SURE (potentially NOT the person who answers the telephone). Many private universities are accredited. However, I'd be wary if this specific one doesn't have a website. That's not normal here.

That being said, the student visa is BY FAR the easiest visa to attain. Next is marriage. A passive income visa ("rentista" visa) probably takes a lot more time getting documents signed, translated, stamped by 10 different people, and hours of waiting in line.

My advice would be to attend a university that's accredited and get a student visa.