Subpar Journalism


Jan 31, 2010
So - I stop by Facebook today, and see a article my friend (who is very Leftist) shared, as a way to prove that capitalism is fundamentally flawed...

Of course I decide I will take a look at the article, and I am dumbfounded by the lack of analysis and the title of the story - which is very incorrect. Thankfully, La Nación also provided the article on which they based this story, and looking here you get a better idea of what was said and why.

I would suggest to La Nación that a more apt title would be - "El alcade de Nueva York avisa que hay que aprender de la bancarota de Detroit"

Anyways: this got me to thinking, why are so many of the journalists & news outlets in this country so horrible? La Nación and Clarin are so horribly anti-K and Pagina 12 is so horribly pro-K, that you just cant get real analysis in the main stream papers (Pagina 12 IS main stream media).

Where do expats go for their news? - do you read the paper everyday, or do you subscribe to a monthly or weekly news magazine? How about online outlets - do you read the official press releases, or just what gets written in the newspaper.
Unfortunately, capitalism is doomed in the USA only , but not in Comunist China, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.
The fact that some cities in the USA went belly up resides in the fact that they chased away the very corporations that used to foot their bills. Once the unions forced their relocation in other states or even foreign countries, they went bust.
That, and the unreal self-assigned salaries and benefits of goverment employees:in Las Vegas a City plumber makes 55$ an hour. ¿what city can survive this way?
And Detroit has been governed for decades by a clique of leftist, authoritarian idiots not much different of the ones we suffer here. NYC will go the same way, it seems.
It is pretty sub par, no doubt.
I don't buy printed newspapers any more, but I would if I could find a serious one.
The editorials of the BA Herald from columnists such as Neilson are generally a very good read, the rest of the paper needs some serious proof reading amongst other improvements.
I'll have to stop myself from reading readers' comments on LN and Clarin as the hatred and bitching is seriously sick stuff.
Today LN isn't accepting reader comments, which is refreshing in itself.
Individual journalists have their part to play and I wish they would simply stick to being just that...journalists.
The moment they pop up on TV they become so holier than thou.
Nelson Castro is a good example and whilst many may sit in awe of his late night conversations with the president, I find his humble hand wringing mannerisms quite nauseating.
Same for Lanata whilst viewers get sucked into the vortex that he creates in an effort to defrock the high and mighty, I feel myself asking...and?
For a journo to become a parody of himself is surely the ultimate hara-kiri.
Two recent incidents:

1. Lanata parading in front of all the rich and powerful at the Martín Fierros, almost all of whom who worship him for being anti-K (for the moment), all whilst saying he's so awesome because he's a challenge to those in power.

2. David Gregory (Govt Stenographer) of Meet the Press all but accusing Glenn Greenwald (one of the few remaining journalists) of treason for the NSA story, and then saying "the question of who's a journalist may be up to a debate with regard to what you're doing,"

I don't know if we can call the festering rotten examples of journalism here in Arg subpar, because they unfortunately seem to be pretty par for the course.
I'm old enough to remember when the news was just that, The News. If I remember correctly this changed sometime around 1982. I was watching a newscast where the anchors started bantering back and forth like they were having tea and cutting to B-roll video. My thought was, wtf? (small letters because I was still in high school).

It seemed to correspond to the launch of cable and 24 hours of MTV. Wow, you mean this channel doesn't go "Poltergeist" at 1:30am?

Now, it's just a circus.
The news is horrible and there's little journalistic integrity. Most of it is very superficial with poor fact checking and over the top dramatic effect - but that can be said for most news agencies these days. The sensationalism is so bad it actually makes the local Fox affiliate back in Miami seem like serious news.
For news I see what people post on Facebook, watch documentaries, listen to "this american life" which has gotten more journalistic, daily show.
For local news:
Duro de Domar
Victor Hugo
"hora internacional canal 7" (saturday morning)

Now, you might say that I am left leaning, which I am, but I have found these reporters to have proven track records, and they are also very upfront about their political leanings.

I also read Clarin, watch telenoche, etc, but the standards are pretty low: lots of notes about cute cat videos and hollywood. Most of the time, more than criticizing an editorial view point I think "this is news?"
The death of modern journalism started with the ridiculous chase of OJ Simpson's white Bronco through Los Angeles. Since then it has degraded to horrible left/right , red/blue , clarin/la nocion , etc......

Many sources must be read , in order to make an intelligent choice as to what you want to believe.

Just because it is in the newspaper , on TV , or Lanata says so , it may not be true. Be smart. Decide for yourself and doubt all , but check many sources.

I miss Peter Jennings.....
We deal with the same thing here in the US. CNN = Far Left Fox = Far Right. You can't just get the damn news without someone throwing a skew on it.

I'm ultraconservative and find both of them make me sick. Seems like things are the same no matter where you are...unless you're in Cuba of course.