Suggested Viewing: A documentary about Los Knacks (my new favorite band from Argentina)


May 13, 2019
Last night I went to MALBA to see Los Knacks: Déjame En El Pasado which completely left me enamored with a garage rock band that never reached their full potential due to the dictatorship banning all music sung in languages other than Spanish. Los Knacks recorded most of their songs in English. The film follows the short history of the band and their attempts to make a comeback after folks began to find their records abroad and the music of that era became popular again. The film was brilliant and it's been some time since I've watched a music documentary and felt every emotion imaginable before the end credits rolled. It's one hell of a film and it's playing now until Tuesday at Cine Cosmos UBA on Corrientes and also at Cine Gaumont on 15 February. In case any of you are in the mood to see a film showcasing some incredible musicians...

The whole thing reminded me that, doesn't come with a "consume-by" date and really can stand up to time. The band has almost improved with time.
Here is the trailer if you're interested: