Suggestion for restaurant...Recoleta area


Feb 11, 2008
Friends in town...need a suggestion for a good dinner house and/or lunch spot....not over the top expensive but one that is a winner for quality and taste and atmosphere...

They are staying in the Recoleta that would be a great starting point.

Thanks so much for any and all ideas!!!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Cumana on Rodriguez Pena 1149 (just off Santa Fe) is a fantastic place to eat. Really great food, very reasonable prices, and a fun ambience. Be warned: there is often a wait for dinner, so it might be a more appropriate lunch spot.

You can also check out and make your search parameters match what you are looking for, it's a really helpful website.
And there is another restaurant next to Cumanà that is La Cholita with a great parrilla both places belong i was told to the same owner, you can also check this out at www.guiaoleo
Cumana is great- try the locro.

I also really like Rodi Bar- not pretentious, or particularly expensive, but really good standards- pasta, parrilla, pastel de papas, and more.

Also, not far on the other side of Santa Fe is Parrilla Pena- another very nice neighborhood restaurant, good quality, popular with locals.

Neither of these is touristy, or trendy, no $30 peso martinis. Just classic Porteno cooking, in very typical surroundings.
I'd suggest Celetto, located at Uriburu 1274. Great food (get the pasta), moderately priced.
Guia Oleo is a great website to look for restaurants.
I suggest the restaurant "Melo", in Pacheco de Melo 1.800, between Callao & Ayacucho. Great food, atmosphere, and not too expensive.
Another truly excellent restaurant is Sottovoce, international food, in the corner of Ayacucho & Libertador Ave.
I'd suggest El Mirasol in La Recova, next to the Four Seasons Hotel. It's one of the best parillas and less expensive than some.