Support the ARTS community in Buenos Aires


One of the most beautiful advantages of Bs As is its very rich theatre life. I owuld say there are few cities in the world (including NY!) that offer so many options in live theatre. Tons of options. If your Spanish is decent enough, please take advantage of this amazing treasure in Bs As. There are options for every budget. Last year I became a bit obsessed and attended over 50 theatre productions and I felt I barely scratched the surface. PLEASE support the theatre community here

I know there are many other Arts communities here too!


Not being a theater fan, I havent been taking advantage of that, but I do spend lots of time at things like live music and art gallery and museum openings.
And BsAs is equally well endowed for both music, of all genres, and visual art.
As well as an incredible film festival, and jazz festival, and lots more.