Take Out Chinese Food Recommendation?



I've been missing my General Tso chicken and fried crab rangoons... does anybody have a recommendation for a take out chinese food place? Preferable in Palermo, but open to all suggestions!
I have heard good things about this one ( haven´t tried it ) http://www.ambientewok.com/ A very traditional Chinese that has been in the city for decades is Lindo Jardin Cabello 3419 Tel: 4803-0914 / 4802-6851 / 4807-6849..... yummmm now I am craving chinese! ( they are both in Palermo ), the first one uses American style boxes, not sure about the second one.
Mmmm! Thanks Nikad! :) There is one in Palermo that I recently found out about called Yan-Kie (hee hee)... haven't tried it yet, but once I do I'll let you know how it was. Their website is www.yankie-resto.com.ar if you're interested.
I had to cook some stirred fried beef with scallions and steamed rice with sweet and sour sauce ( all your fault! these were going to be bifes de chorizo ) ;)
I had never heard of a crab rangoon before- had to google it. It is about as Chinese as an avocado burger is- it was invented at Trader Vics, in California, in the 50's.
Mock South Seas.

I used to love to go to Trader Vics, back in the 70's, and drink pina coladas from ceramic coconuts, and I probably even ate a crab rangoon way back when, before the CRS kicked in.

Still, it seems really unlikely that actual chinese immigrants from China to Argentina would have ever heard of such a thing....
I love Chinese, I have been to most of the Chinese restaurants in BA and can only recommend China Garden as an excellent Chinese kitchen that serves authentic dishes that have not been 'Argentinized' so barely recogniseable. The food is good and reasonably priced - they also deliver!

Riobamba y Santa Fe