Take Over My Private English Lessons In Caba! (8 Hours)


Dear Fellow English Teachers in Buenos Aires,

I am an American English teacher living here in Buenos Aires and I will be leaving in early July after living here for 6 months. I have my part-time private lessons schedule to offer to you all! I currently charge 150 pesos/hour for all of these students. I'd love to find new teachers to take all of them, so please let me know if you are interested in a student and we can set up a time to talk more. The students are located in Belgrano, Flores, and Almagro and range in age and level from beginner to advanced, age 10 to age 75! I'm here enclosing my weekly schedule. Please let me know if you are interested in taking on any/all of the students. Thanks!


Here is my current schedule up for grabs:


11:00-12:00-Older Korean Woman, Flores

Beginner Level, focus on speaking b/c moving to the US soon.


10:30-11:30-mid 30's Argentine Man, Almagro (Tuesday and Thursday lessons)

Advanced Level, TOEFL practice, speaking practice

4:30-6:30 Argentine siblings-10 year old girl, 14 year old boy, Belgrano
Both speak French, Spanish and English

Girl: beginner English level. Focus on speaking using games and activities she can get into.

Boy: intermediate level. Focus on reading and writing and preliminary preparation for SAT level English.


4:30-5:30-mid 20's Argentine Woman, Flores

Advanced Level, IELTS practice


10:30-11:30-mid 30's Argentine Man, Almagro (Tuesday and Thursday lessons)

Advanced Level, TOEFL practice, speaking practice.


10:00-11:00-15 year old Korean girl, Flores

Advanced level, PET practice, speaking practice, help with English homework/projects.

5:30-6:30-12 year old Korean girl, Flores

Intermediate level, topic based lessons (environment, dance, etc.) try to get her to practice writing. Her speaking is very good, but writing not as good.


Hey, I am an English teacher, and I'll be leaving in mid-June but returning in mid-August and staying until December. I'd be interested in taking over when I return on August 15. Send me an e-mail at dullm001@fiu.edu. Thanks.


Hola Anne,

my argentinian wife is currently doing exactly the same than you - giving private personalized english lessons. She has been doing this since a few years and all of her students are very happy with the lessons and her. Her name is Florencia and she would like to take your students. She is sure she can fullfill their and your expectations based on her experience. She works mostly in Palermo Hollywood (where we live) and she is very well known there. Actually, she also gets students from other parts of the city because the students recommend her frequently.
Though she is not a native speaker, but she offers speaking practice lessons with a native speaker (friend of her) in case its wanted. We think your students would be very happy taking lessons with her, and she can adapt her methods to yours to flawlessly continue your way of teaching.

If you are interested in meeting and having a talk, write me a private message.




I am a Native English Speaker,UK born and raised, and I am in the midst of completing my TEFL 150 hour course. I am staying in BA for at least a year. I start teaching this Thursday but would like to find more private lessons.

If possible, I am interested in your Tuesday 4:30-6:30 with the Siblings in Belgrano.

If you would like to talk or meet up then please feel free to email me at bamigbade.evie@gmail.com.
I use the communicative approach and have innovative ideas for teaching which utilises some software that I have on my Laptop. This enables students to practice listening to different accents and for me to create my own teaching resources.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Florian,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I should have specified, but I'm looking for a native speaking teacher to take over the lessons. Your wife sounds like a great teacher, but my students were insistent on finding a native speaker, so unfortunately I'll have to hold out for another candidate. Thanks again for the reply though! Best of luck to your wife.



@platypoctagon Ideally I'm looking for someone to take the classes over starting July 6th because it would be unfair to the students to have them changing teachers twice in two months. But if I can't find a suitable teacher, I'll let you know.




My name is Hadley Thayer and my email is: hadleyelizabeth16@gmail.com
I am from San Francisco, California and I speak English, French, Spanish fluently. I have experience teaching both younger kids and adults. I can start work as soon as is convenient :)