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Jan 19, 2010
We are a brand new business in Buenos Aires inspiring everyone to see the cities sites on two wheels. Offering bike rentals, bike tours and bike purchases, www.bikingbuenosaires.com outmatches competition with our unique pricing philosophy that everyone should truly appreciate. Any comments, feedback, questions or concerns are appreciated!



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Twowheels - cool idea! You seem like a legit dude and I wish you the best of luck. I'll keep you in mind when my friend comes into town and I don't want to do the typical tour guide stuff again.

You might also consider sending your site to this woman:
Congrats on your business and what a great idea! I haven't ridden a bicycle on oh...longer than I care to think about but I will definitely try a tour - what a great new way to see the city that I live in. Best of luck with the business!
I just wanted to say thank you all for your replies, yes even you orwellian, for you sarcastically brought up my main competition which is peoples fear of traffic in the city. Surprisingly, the city has been working hard to create alternative commuting options and has almost completed a bike trail that stretches from Plaza Italia in Palermo to Caminito in La Boca. Even though at the moment there are some unfinished patches, the trail is absolutely wonderful to ride on passing through the main parks and plazas and buffers away from traffic. Again, thank you all for your kind words, links and suggestions. Feel free to message me with anything else you can think of :)
Where are you?
I cant find any address on your website.
I might want to rent a bike, but not if I have to travel a half hour to get to it.

Seems like an address, or at least a barrio, is a pretty basic thing for your website...
Ries, you make a very good point. I don't have the exact address on the site because I don't want people showing up to my place randomly but you're right that I need to mention that I live in Palermo, Plaza Italia. Much appreciated my friend...