taking a job in ARG; some advice please


Jan 3, 2007
Sorry for the re-post. I initially posted this in the jobs forum, but received only a few responses. I thought I'd cast a wider net and post it in a different forum.

I was offered a job in Argentina with a European company. This would be an "over the table" job whereby I would be sponsored so that I can obtain my DNI. The compensation is in pesos and the figure was given in "bruto."

Obviously I am concerned about being paid in pesos. Does anyone have some advice of the types of questions/issues I should raise with my potential employer? What is the percentage difference between bruto and neto?

Additionally, the job provides health insurance using national health care -- is this adequate? what concerns should I have?

If the pay is in Pesos forget it. Its very hard to even just make enough to live when your pay is in pesos. In Euros you would be fine
There's nothing wrong with being paid in pesos in principle. Depending on how much you're paid you'll probably lose around 20% in taxes.

You should get private health cover with a reputable provider (swiss medical or OSDE) included in the package. Also ask them to set up a bank account for you. They might do this anyway - typically lots of companies set up an account for you that they pay your salary into.

I'd have something in your contract that relates to inflation. Although companies are supposed to tie your salary to inflation, often they don't so have something stipulating a yearly salary review which is at least inline with inflation. Inflation estimates between 10-20% per year - makes a big difference.

Try get flights included in your package if you can. Being paid in pesos is fine, once you adjust for buying power you can live pretty well. But pesos don't pay bills in other countries, and flying is very expensive.
Hi, you should ask about impuesto a la ganancia if you get paid more than 4000 net, to turn your salary from gross to net you need to deduct around 17%. Sorry if I made some grammar mistake, I am Argentine, not English. Another thing I would ask is if the contract states your salary in dollars or pesos, it would be better in dollars so if there is inflation (dollar keeps increasing here), the salary would be modified.