Taking a local out to dinner


Jan 14, 2010
My boyfriend has lived in BA his entire life (that's why I moved here) and his birthday is coming up. I would like to take him out to dinner somewhere nice that he's never been, but I don't know the city well yet and don't want to ask him (nice surprise...). Any suggestions? I was thinking Olsen in Palermo but we've already been there for drinks. Help appreciated!
i don't know what kind of place you're looking for, but my 2 favourite restaurants to go eat out for a special occasion are Lele (Costa Rica & Thames) and El Ultimo Beso (on Nicaragua betw Thames and Serrano). I think the food is better in Lele. They are both beautifully decorated, but in different ways. Lele has different coloured rooms, and el Ult Beso is all white, but not modern, rather romantic. Another restuarant I love for its great menu is Dale Perejil Al Toro en Estado de Israel (between Yatay and Jufre). They have lots of traditional Argentinean dishes that you rarely see on offer in most restaurants, plus non Argy stuff too (great for me, since I'm a vegetarian...). The place itself is also lovely, an old casa tipo chorizo with a patio to eat outside if you want
Trienta Sillas-

or Casa Felix-

Both really good food, in an a small, intimate setting, and quite reasonable- around 150 pesos a person, including a tasting menu of wines.

Although the people eating at both are mostly Portenos, since they only seat 15 or 30 people each, per night, many locals have never heard of them.
Off to Saltshaker this weekend, another of the Closed Door Restaurants, and they certainly seem like a good idea for a plesant evening, although they tend to be aimed at sociable get togethers, rather than an intimate evening between two young loves ;)

I have to confess that I do love Olsen myself, and as you have been there for drinks, maybe it will be like going back to somewhere you both remember fondly as a couple - quite romantic really :) -

When you decide, and once you have gone, do tell us all about it (well, nearly all anyway :))
Thanks everyone, I'm going to look into all of these great suggestions!