Tango in Cordoba


Does anyone know about tango classes available in Cordoba city?

And, where to buy affordable tango shoes, in Buenos Aires or Cordoba?


Don't know about specifics for Cordoba Roxana but I can tell you how the tango instructors do it in the Western part of the country.

Usually they will have some sort of poster made and posted in some of the more public, high-traffic areas or buildings. Example, the library or culture building, possibly Admin area if they have a place for things like that. It's about the most economical way they can advertise for students.

I just attended a large 4 Province milonga in San Luis this past weekend. I noticed that they give their tango lessons at the town's cultural center. There was a poster posted outside.

If you're going to be in Corboda it should'nt be much of a problem finding several. I know they've got a active tango community as there were several people from there at the milona in San Luis and the word is the next multi Provincial event will be there.

I'd check around BA and ask some tango people about the shoes. Shouldn't be any problem finding the stores specializing in selling them.



The info is for a friend of mine, who is living in Cordoba, near the University. She asked me for a good place where to learn how to dance tango. She is on vacations now for almost two months, so I will ask her about the night life when she will come back home. I know there are a lot of cuartetos groups (typical music from Cordoba, similar to cumbia), and traditionally the people from Cordoba Capital travels to Villa Carlos Paz on summer time for fun at the boliches.


Don't know about Cordoba, but all of the tango shoes in BsAs are affordable in comparison to the same quality or brand of shoes sold in other countries.

You can tour 5 tango shoe stores on Suipacha between Corrientes y Diagonal Norte--perhaps the best value are the shoes in Flabella's--inexpensive and of good quality that lasts.

There are lots of other tango shoe stores in BsAs, but not so handily located; you need the addresses of each one. Comme Il Faut is the favorite brand of foreigners and locals alike. Ojo, they only make shoes for women. They are often called the "Manolo Blahniks" of tango shoes.

If you can pick up a copy of B.A. Tango Trimestrial, there's a listing of all the tango shoe stores in BsAs. Also take a look at http://bavenues.blogspot.com for a map with tango shoe stores.