Tango Lessons? - Where are goold places to learn?


Jan 27, 2009
So I'm coming to BA in 2 days and staying for 3 weeks. I'd like to take some Tango lessons.

Where would be a good place to take Tango lessons, that's English-friendly?

Let me be forward and say I don't really ever dance. Not that I have 2 left-feet or anything. But my fancy foot-work is done more in sports and martial arts. (And, in the past, not dancing.) But I'm interesting in learning to Tango. Does anyone have a suggestions for a good place in Buenos Aires to take Tango lessons that's English friendly?
I went to La Catedral once and it was really a cool, old gritty place. Its a converted warehouse or factory of some sort and there are kittens running around and old artwork that looks like it was found in the trash on the walls. Its very raw which I love so if you're looking for a polished kind of place this isnt for you. For $15 pesos you get admission to the milonga and a tango lesson. I think Tuesdays and Thursdays are the big draw and I believe there are lessons at 8 and 10pm but please confirm that. The instructors do not speak English though but you can learn by watching. Sarmiento 4006
try El Beso on Rio Bamba for authentic and good lessons...nice people too
You can certainly learn a lot from watching, but, and this is a big but, before you take the floor you need some lessons. The stance and the way you lead are not obvious. If you get this wrong ,the women will not dance with you and word will spread.
Get the basics right first, before you learn any steps, or god forbid, start learning figures, and you will progress quickly. But if you start just learning moves it will take years just to correct. (been there done that).
There are a number of dancers who use this site who would be willing to get you through the basics, some of whom were on the other thread I posted.

On El Beso, I went there in 2004 and was intimidated and bored. This is not to say it is a bad place, I go there now often, and enjoy. It is just that back then my salon tango was at a beginner level ( who me? I had been dancing tango 5 years). El Beso gets very crowded, dancing is difficult, you are almost always in contact with the couple in front and behind you.
If you want to see how the locals dance and enjoy, go there by all means, but I would not recommend it as a place to dance for an absolute beginner.
Bob and Vivian dance beautifully and represent to me the real Argentine tango. Lets hope that this incredible art form continues and evolves respecting the original.
The last post got me thinking, There is a couple, Rudolfo (El Chino) y Miho who are at present in Europe. But if you search for them on you tube you will see that they have an excallent style.
When they return they teach in Salon Canning on a Thursday. It goes without saying , that their English is excellent. The teaching style is possibly the best I have come across, laced with humour, it becomes more entertainment than a class, you learn, but forget that you are learning.

Andres y Genoveva also teach in Canning on a Tuesday, again excellent English and have toured all over Europe. They will be here for some time as they had twins two years ago.

I will post more as I remember.