Taxes on short rentals


Looking at renting out my apartment in BA for short term renters, possibly renting rooms to tourists too.
Was wondering what the tax in Argentina is for renting rooms/ flat to tourists?
So if for example I rented at 1,000 US$ a month, and have running expenses, apartment bills etc of 200 US$, leaving me with 800 US$, what taxes should I have to pay on this as a resident?


Technically, you should register as a monotributista (self employed).

Then you would be in Category E - earning up to AR$552511,95 a year ( ) and pay AR$ 2562,32 a month.

Then you would be able to insure you property on a commercial basis (general household insurance is probably invalid if you are renting it out), you would also be able to get a commercial liability insurance to protect you if something happened to one of your renters whilst in your property.

There may also be provincial taxes payable..?


Still trying to figure this out. I'm a resident with a DNI, although will be living in another country in Europe with my tax residence there.
Anyone know the process of renting a property short term, going through the official way in "blanco", paying taxes etc? Wondering what taxes will be if I rent my apartment out say 10 months a year to short term renters.