Taxi Question..


Hey Guys,

Was coming home from a night out last night about 5am... dropped some friends off and continued home by myself, he asked me to get out of the back and sit with him in the front. Well, he actioned for me to do this - as my Spanish isn't great and he didn't speak any English. I didn't really think about it, I just did it - i figured there would be a good reason.

Anyway, it was just a bit strange.. or different. There were no problems, he dropped me straight to my door etc But was he doing this as a safety measure for me? or just wanting some company in the front?

not a big deal, have just sort of been curious thats all, and thought some of you might have some opinions on it :)


Well Arty was a bit direct but probably right. That's not normal and I would never advise doing that.


I don't think that there would be any reason regarding safety for you to do such a thing. I would advise against doing such a thing in the future.

For all we know, the next guy that does that has his friends outside the car waiting to mug you. Unlikely, but just a thought.


This is strange, maybe he just didn't want his back to be exposed to any attack from behind, but also you did get on with a group of people at first, showing that your not some solo lunitic wonder around the city at 5 am.

but now this leaves you exposed, as two robbers can jump into the back seat at a light and put a gun to the back of your head and tell you to follow along. especially if he heard some english while you were with your buddies.

anyways.. could have been nothing at all..


Well - on the surface, you have a girl - alone in a cab - who doesn't speak Spanish and (given the hour) may have had a bit to drink and its dark out and the streets were probably pretty deserted. Prime situation to be assaulted or raped.

Maybe he was just lonely and wanted to practice his English or chat but every alarm bell would have been going off for me. If you're sitting next to him, it makes it a lot easier for him to attack or assault you.:eek:

I'm really glad it didn't happen but please don't ever do it again.


Years ago I used to take at least 10 cabs a day for work reasons, sometimes I would set a fixed price for some trips with the drivers, then they would ask me to sit in the front seat, just so they could turn the meter off and by sitting there, they could say you were a friend or relative and that he was just giving me a ride. The meters " record " each trip, so they can be controlled. I think that nowadays some cabs have a sensor in the back seat that activates the meter automatically, maybe he wanted it to look as if all passengers had got off the cab and made a few $ for him (?) Just a few ideas, lol @ the lonely driver, or sex hype theories :)


It's unlikely he had any mal intent, don't get paranoid is my advice.

If he had wanted to rape you rob you or assault you, then he would have.

It is more likely one of the other reasons given here.

Santiago F

¿Was it a taxi or a remise? ¿Have you crossed the Gral. Paz during your journey? If it was a remise and you had to cross the Gral. Paz (limit between Capital and Provincia), then it all seems logical. He didn't want to rape you or assault you, as in fact he didn't. I think it just was an illegal remise agency (meaning it wasn't properly registered as such... or maybe with some "issues", like some papers pending to register or something), and the driver just wanted to avoid the likely police controls at Gral. Paz by pretending it was a usual car. As remises have no identification from the outside and in this case both the driver and you were in the front seats, the police officers would think it was a normal car, and wouldn't stop it. I was told this once by a female friend of mine who regularly crossed from Capital to Provincia and had to experience this many times.

On the other hand, if it was a taxi and/or you didn't cross the limit, then I don't really know, but as Nikad said, it went something along the lines of what I just explained.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your responses guys.

The very second i got out of the car and in the front seat i'd realised what a completely stupid thing i'd done - whether he had good intentions or not, i shouldn't have done that - and i knew so straight away. It was a pretty nervous ride home, but couldn't help tipping him a bit extra when he dropped me too my door, with a smile.

Just thought it might have been something that is occasionally done here for various reasons. But i think to avoid being a victim... might just hang out in the backseat and lock the door ;-)

For more info, It was a RadioTaxi - an old guy about 70+ ...I was coming from Crobar, we dropped some friends in Palermo and then down Libertador and then down to Pueyrredon. So no Police checks.