Teaching English and general Advice needed


Nov 29, 2006
HI all

Firtly i have to say i love the site, its so good. I am coming to BA on the 4th Jan for about 6 months to teach english. Can anyone give me any advice or contacts for schools who may be looking for work and how easy it is to find the work.
I also need advice on places to stay as its so confusing when trying to choose the best location. I am after something which is centrally ish located so things are easy to get to as well as safe as i planto come alone. I was interested to know where poeple in my posititon stay (hotel, homestay or hotel) when they first get there and the best way to do it.
Finally it would be good to meet some people to have some fun with and share the experience with. So anyone out there who is looking to hook up, give us a shout!!!
Thanks guys and hope to hear from you soon!