Teaching Program in Argentina (Mar. - July)


Feb 5, 2007
Interested in teaching English? Learning Spanish? Discovering Argentina outside of Buenos Aires? Apply to teach with CONNECTING SCHOOLS!
CONNECTING is an organization with the objective of broadening student's minds by having them come in contact with university graduates from English speaking countries. We feel that by doing so we can help them understand different ways of thinking and to appreciate the world they live in.

We place English speaking university graduates in schools or academies which wish to be benefited by the presence of the programme participants.

Teachers live with host families in various locales in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. They teach on average 25/30 hrs. per week and enjoy three day weekends. In exchange for 4 months room and board, weekly Spanish lessons, teacher training in BA (starts mid-Feb), a 200 peso stipend per month, and transfer to and from Buenos Aires, there is a $500 registration fee. For more information on our program and to read about prior teachers`experiences, please visit our website at connectingschools.com.ar, or e-mail us at [email protected]