Temp Residency Requirements...Would this plan work?


May 20, 2006
Good morning, at least still in the Intermountain West and we got snow over the weekend. Oh well, that is normal here for Memorial Weekend.

I have come to realize it is going to be tougher to get a job in Argentina that I originally thought. However, that just means I work in some exotic places where they look for oil and gas for another year.

I am not trying to be some starry-eyed person who is making unreal expectations. I am very grounded in my "2 year plan" and I plan to visit Argentina right after school is done in Dec. Then start getting my feet wet there over the next year and 1/2.

Many US firms in the oil and gas industry in the "exotic" locations hire people for 1 to 2 months at a time. Then you are home for the same amount of time. The money is extremely good. One individual I know does this in the States and makes a great living and that is by US standards. Well, I was wondering if it is something I could do if I lived in Argentina. I need to start establishing the contacts within the next couple of months, according to my advisor at school, if I looked to get hired by one of these firms soon after school is done.

I was wondering if anyone or possibly someone you know live in Argentina "permanently", but works part of the time out of the country vs. trying to get a work visa there. I know people who do it in other countries, but no one in Argentina. You spend a majority of your time in the country, but are gone about 3 to 4 months out of the year working overseas. Would this arrangement screw up the chances for a temporary residence visa then the possibility of a permanent resident visa?

Have a great day everyone.

Dear readers:

And while you're all helping Blackpaw achieve the perfect plain of existence, could you you all find me a semi-dangerous, (suave with a pencil-thin moustache would be nice), porteño with lots of money, between 32 and 65 years old, in good shape, knows how to dance, and can keep me keep me interested just by the way he flirts then threatens to hurt me in order to justify all the 18 K gold-set jewelry he heaps upon me? I'm beginning to feel like I need to put out for all the topaz trinkets and besos he slobbers at my feet.

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