Temporary Accommodation Recommendations



I will be arriving in Buenos Aires in a couple months and would like to reserve a place to stay for the first week or two while I'm looking for more permanent housing. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hotel/hostel that is nice but simple, and fairly inexpensive (USD$20-40/day)? Another consideration is that I'd like a private room that is very secure since I will have a lot of stuff (some valuable) with me since I will be living in Buenos Aires indefinitely. As far as location, I'd prefer something in Recoleta, Palermo, Bario Norte, or in that general part of the city.

Thanks so much!


If you're wanting to spend up to 40 a day for a room for a few weeks, I'd recommend finding a temp apartment through an agency.

I've used idearental.com and bastay.com in the past. My experience with idearental.com was more positivie than bastay.com, but they both get the job done.