Temporary Room to rent in a 2bed apartment, Palermo Soho


Mar 29, 2022
Hey everybody!
We’ve rented a luminous apartment (its a corner building) in Palermo Soho for a few months starting now. There is an extra bedroom which is available to sublet for flexible periods of time (one/two months), 350$/ months.
About us:
Mathilde, franco-american, I do research in AI for medical applications. In my free time I take yoga / dance classes, I explore the city, I go to concerts…
Mauro, argentinian, researcher in law at UNLP. Likes to play the guitar, all kinds of sports, talks about politics and many other things.
We’re in our thirties, we are both used to living with roommates, we’ve lived in a few countries... We travel quite a lot so you’ll have some air. We are outgoing and easy going, we like to have friends over, and we like to have the common spaces clean :) We’re keen to keep discovering it all and meet people ! We mainly speak Spanish in the house, but we also speak French and English.
DM if interested,
Cheers !


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