Temporary to permanent residence process


Mar 25, 2018
I am trying to figure out how exactly migraciones work when it comes to cambio de categoria and the various "dates" -- ingreso al pais, fecha de expediente, fecha de cita, fecha de radicacion...

When I applied for temporary I was given 11 months BUT not from the day of the diposicion of migraciones but from the day of the cita. So basically, I was given 10.5 months. At the time it didn't really matter but now that I am getting closer to 3 years of temporary and thinking about the permanent next year, I am wondering how would that mismatch of dates of radicacion affect my application. My second extension was for 11 months as well. So by the time I finish my 3rd temporary residence I will be "temporary resident" for 2 months short of 3 years.

I think the agent that approved my application might have made a mistake. My first application was created on Dec 18, the interview was on Jan 15, and the decision was 1 Feb. However, instead of 31 Dec, I was given till 14 Dec. My "entrada al pais" as showing on my DNI is October 2018.

In this case would I have to apply again for another temporary to cover those 2 months or can I apply straight for permanent? That is, at what point does migraciones start counting the 3 years of residence? Entry into country, creation of the expediente/precaria residence or the date of radicacion?
No worries, you are good to go. No mistakes, the date of 'radicacion' is the date you entered the country. It's retroactive so to speak.
if you have more questions, pls PM. Suerte.