Tennis and gym in San Telmo


Mar 14, 2023
Hi all, new here, planning to be in BA, specifically San Telmo, at least the months of June and July, working remotely and trying to learn Spanish. I've been trying to plan out about a half dozen aspects of life from a distance, but have found it hard to get current info. I play tennis and exercise a lot, and one thing I wanted to ask is whether anyone is familiar with San Juan Tennis Club in San Telmo. I find it online, and it has a pretty professional website, but I've tried using the contact info on it to get in touch and haven't heard much, and I'm not even sure if it's working. According to Google Maps it's very close to the place I'll be renting, and I'd love if it turned out to be something I can viably use and find play. Does anyone know if it's still an active location, and if so, how much it costs and whether it might be a place I could find other enthusiastic middling amateurs to play?

Also, does anyone have recommendations for gyms in/around San Telmo? And how much should I be looking to pay for a couple of months? I feel like I need to figure out what to expect before I actually come, so I don't get confused and pay bad rates for stuff when I haven't yet gotten used to what things are in Argentine money.

I have a bunch more questions of these kinds, but I'll start with this so as not to risk possibly spamming the forums with questions that perhaps are asked often by other newbies.
there is a meglaton in puerto madero. ive never used it to be honest, but it seems like a nice enough location and walking by has a decent amount of equipment inside. they are a chain so you could search other locations to see if one happens to be closer

no clue about prices either, but like everything else i imagine the rate gets adjusted rather frequently for inflation
I just did a gym search, and it seems like a lot of gym chains charge between $8-12k per month. If you were staying longer you could get a discount down to $5-6k for a multi-month contract. Depending on what you care about in a gym, local places might serve what you need at a better rate. When I was staying in San Telmo, Bayres Center Gym was always full of people (, but I haven't gone there myself.
Thanks! Yeah, I saw both of those in a google search, I think I may visit both and a couple more when I first get there and see how it looks. Have either of you ever seen the tennis club? That one seems a bit of a mystery.
For tennis I recommend strongly the DTC (Darling). It is technically in Boca, but almost borders San Telmo. It is open air, but if it is not raining and too wet, you can play outdoor also in winter months June / July.

It is only for socios / members, but they offer tennis classes for non-socios. You pay a bit more than socios (ca 20%), but it is still reasonably cheap (he equivalent of ca. 10 usd per hour)