Texas Hold 'em


May 20, 2008
Anyone know of anywhere we can play Texas Hold 'em? Thanks.
Yes, the casino in Tigre, 20 minutes from Capital has one table.
Let me know when you are going and I would like to join.
My husband has been looking for Poker tournaments in BA, but he couldn´t find any ( they are not legal ) You can play Texas Holdem at the Tigre Casino and the Boat Casino. In other provinces they organize Texas Holdem Tournaments at some casinos and they look pretty good :)
Really want to play also. Happy to join a game if someone has chips??
Ok then, next weekend Poker game, where? when? does someone have poker chips? I am ALL in!
We were thinking of a private game. We used to hold them in Shanghai and have 6 - 8 playing every Friday but our apartment here isn't big enough. If anyone has a table big enough or knows an expat managed bar who may have a room we can use? It was illegal in China but we played in a couple of bar games - not a problem if you're using chips and there's no cash on the table. Only just arrived so don't know our way around yet. Spread the word and we'll find someone with chips!!