thanksgiving but with mexican food


Apr 30, 2006
my housemate and i have decided to throw a thanksgiving dinner for a few friends and coworkers, but with mexican food instead of the traditional turkey dinner. (we have a tortilla press and corn masa which i have not yet seen in BsAs, making for instant gratification after adding water, pressing, and throwing it on the iron skillet for 2 minutes).
here´s the question: which cheese should we use? normally i´d go for a combination of cheddar and jack, but here i´m not sure what kind of readily available and cheapish cheese would be a good substitute. since we plan on having nachos, quesadillas, tacos, beans, etc. we will need a *huge* block to grate. i´d like to spend no more than 15 or 20 pesos on cheese for 20 people (that´s reasonable, no?). would pategras work ok? other suggestions and where to find them?
(cilantro has not been featured in the myriad verdulerías i frequent around palermo so we will head to barrio chino for that.)
while i´m on the board, i might as well ask if anyone has recommendations for a place to find reasonably priced and decent kitchenware (namely pots and pans). the supermarkets are very overpriced for this kind of stuff and it is not quality!
thanks very much!
For kitchenware, try "Todo Bazar" at Av. Jujuy 1214, 4943-2008. They have a good selection of high and medium end pots and pans. Along that same street you will find other similar shops which cater to restaurants and individuals. Inexpensive here equals to cheap in quality. I have yet to find any decent bargains.