The bird is the word at Thanksgiving


The small carniceria is on Rodriguez Peña just up from the intersection with Vicente Lopez about 1/2 block. There are several shops - verdulerias and carniceria here. This one named Covodunga (sp?). Other trick meat choices as well like cochinillo. Appears to be a one man shop.


I know someone that is ordering from a place that offers small turkeys 4-6 kilos, and large ones 10+, both with choice frozen or non. I can ask the name of the place if anyone's interested.

Anyone know where cranberries or cranberry sauce canned can be bought?
We only found dried cranberries so far at several health food stores.


Piaf (near the mercado de Pulgas) has turkeys. The New Garden on Charcus has dried cranberries berries, you can make cranberry sauce with dried cranberries berries, Google is your friend.