The Casualties this thursday


Sep 15, 2009
Hi guys, by chance any Casualties fans out there that would like to go to the show this Thursday at super rock?? I am not a die hard fan but would like to check it out, and I'm having a tough time finding anyone that's into this stuff..

PS. About me: I'm 23, from Florida, been here about 8 months, live in Lanus with my Argentine boyfriend, and would love to meet some new interesting people.
Hey! Im Argie and have been living in Florida for 10 years, i will be moving back to Buenos Aires in Feb and would love to go to concerts with fellow floridians! I like to go to stadium concerts but much rather prefer the little hidden venues that show lots of interesting bands including neo punk bands. I think i will go to Coldplay because i want to see the opener who is called Bat For Lashes, she's amazing. BTW, i can recommend and show you the most awesome bands from the Baires underground. Let's keep in touch!