The Coin Shortage is OVER


Dec 5, 2008
For the last 2-3 months I've noticed it's been markedly easier to get change. Today on three separate occasions I was due 6 pesos in change. Rather than give me 3 two pesos notes I was given a fiver and a one peso coin. That my local chino would rather give up a coin rather than a Mitre is proof in my book.

Anyone else concur?
I was handed 8 shiny shiny 50c coins the other day in Coto as change and damn near had a heart attack on the spot.
I have a pocket full of shiny new monedas with a minting date of 2009. Apparently the government has authorized the Casa de Moneda (or some other source) to mint new coins. Hooray!
it's over in my eyes....was due 5 pesos in change at a bar the other night and they gave me 5 shiny 1 peso coins.
So, If I'm not mistaken this is actually the first problem that has been solved by the CFK administration??
hey...i wish u could hit me with your luck as i still struggle to get change!!