The French Connection-Spanish?


Mar 16, 2006
I was at a birthday party this evening and one of the attendees had a movie (illegally copied of course) called Medios Drogados (maybe it was Medias Drogadas). It is an American (USA) flick but neither of us were sure of the original title. Any help?I did a search and came up with nothing, MAYBE The French Connection of 1971, but that is unproven as of now. Please post your thoughts and/or answer.THANKS!
Sorry but the French Connection was released under the name "Contacto en Francia". So not sure what you were watching. Any more information such as actors, locations etc? SAM
Did you try That is the internet movie data base. They have about any movie that you can think of. Often times also under other release names.
"The French Connection" has Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle, and the various French ruffians referred to as Frog 1, Frog 2, etc. Even a Spanish version would have to remain faithful to the names. Furthermore, it has one of the greatest car chase scenes ever, as Doyle (Hackman) pursues a New York subway train. If your film had this, it's the same film. "The French Connection 2" is set in France, with Doyle making memorable statements such as, "I'd rather be a lamp post in America than the President of France." He also gets caught by the baddies, tied up, and converted into a heroin junkie. At the end of the film, he shoots Frog 1 on a boat.
Thank you for replying. I knew all of this already and I did search IMDB but to no avail. If anyone runs across Medios Drogados, let me know.Thanks!
You were right! Medios Drogados=Half Baked, the movie. A weak translation (thank you terrible movie Spanish translators) but tis true. Thanks, it was fun researching this.