The Future of Argentine Pesos


Apr 21, 2018
I am worried about living Argentina because of inflation.Could the situation be better?
Inflation in Argentina will undoubtedly continue and there is always the possibility of a sudden and massive devaluation if and when the government is no longer able to prop up the peso by buying pesos with borrowed (aka "debt") dollars.

For anyone working working in Argentina for pesos, it's going to get worse before it gets better. If you are living in Argentina and working for pesos you will most likely wish you never left Korea. If you have a foreign source of income you will most likely benefit from the devaluation of the peso.
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However some Unions like Bancarios, Camioneros , get yearly adjustments above inflation...!
I think you need to visit Argentina and stay a few months, before committing to move from Korea. Its a different world, and there are many things you take for granted in Korea that are completely different in Argentina.
YES, inflation will, most likely, be a constant here.
The economy works very differently.
I keep saying- dont move to Argentina, unless you LIKE Argentina, enough to put up with its very odd and different way of life, economy, and eccentric ways.
Most Koreans are happier in the USA or Canada, where hard work can usually produce more predictable results.
Good advice from Ries above.

My wife is from here so I had visited for many years when we lived in the UK. We had the house so the move was just like coming on an extended holiday....that was ten years ago.

I settled into life here well however I have had it exceptionally easy. I would never have had the balls to do it on my own and start from scratch.
I heard Buenos Aires described this way:

"It's like New York City without the opportunity to make money."