The Government says that everyone over 65 should voluntarily isolate themselves


Mar 25, 2012
There aren't alot of cases here yet so I'm guessing that this could last for 3 months (Like it did in Wuhan). Thats a long time without going to the gym or out with friends. I'm curious about what the other seniors expats are going to do.

My wife has an office in the house where she sees her psychiatric patients. Should she stop? Or wait?
She also teaches classes at the university, should she stop? Now?
Our daughter teaches english, should she stop? Now?
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And those under 65 are still allowed to transmit the virus? They should not pay a visit to their isolated family members of over 65 years?
People over 65 have the highest mortality rate. It makes sense to minimize their chances of catching the virus.
Here's the article on this sequestering recommendation. It goes into some detail of what this means for Argentines, with an over 65 year old population of 6,000,000 people. It's complicated for Argentine families and in a practical sense they can only recommend.

My own point of view is to watch for any change in the reported cases which are community infections, now zero, as opposed to the current reported cases which are imported. If / when that community number increases, the general pubic risk is afoot. Meanwhile, don't panic, educate yourself, arm yourself with prevention methods to avoid incidental contact with the virus, be honest with yourself about the state of your current health and whether you're strong or with reduced health, and then limit your outside activity according to your level of risk based on health.
If you develop any symptoms report yourself and, at least for now, the state will take charge of you and your condition.
The other factor here is to reduce the number of critical illnesses in the hospitals which would be a good thing to reduce the chances of a total overload of the medical infrastructure. So resources can be used to help those that have the best chance of surviving as opposed to resources that would be consumed in a circumstance that sadly ends in death. They should make this a temporary law in reality if could prove to be of great benefit if followed given Argentina's financial and medical resources at the time. But of course it will be ignored for most part.