The Longest Word


I have seen some very long words in my time here in BsAs. I mean, norteamericano and estadounidense are both 7 syllables, which is why they call us yanqui, but I make this out to be a mouth-filling 9 syllables

"fotoenvejecimiento" (photoaging???) On the whole, this is an easy word to pronounce, at least it is for me.

I really enjoy the life long process of polishing my secondary language skills.

To me, this is some kind of fun and pleasure in the process. No matter where I am, or what I haven't got, as long as I have clarity of mind and time to think, I can work on my abilities. Alone or with others. It does not matter.

If you incarcerated me, then threw away the key, I would have something to do, that couldn't be taken away from me. And as I am, I would be content / happy as a clam. The activity would save me from going crazy, I think.

There are some instances, where I can even pronounce some of these longer multi syllable words better than my native counterpart. (and that's not easy to do!)


This is not long compared to words in German:
or Dutch:

These languages have a mechanism to combine multiple words to a single one and you could artificially create words of hundreds of letters by combining enough words together.


It certainly is pleasant to see everyone getting into the spirit of this thread!

It's interesting how the ubiquitous cell phone camera has changed the world. If you had told us 40 years ago that it would be possible to pack such a powerful camera into such a thin package, we would have called BS, thinking there just wasn't room for the necessary lenses. But now they are as common as coffee. The changes this old world has seen in my lifetime!