The Man Who Would Be Argentina’s President Terrifies Investors


Bloomberg article about how little we know about the next president. Great photos.

Fernandez held the post all through Kirchner’s four-year term. But when Nestor stepped aside for Cristina, Fernandez remained in his position for just six months before resigning after she tried to raise export tariffs, sparking a crisis between the government and farmers.

He left with a reputation as a skilled negotiator operating largely out of sight of the public—and a festering rift with Cristina. Fernandez went on to support Kirchner’s political opponents and berate her leadership.

“I really struggle to find one commendable element of Cristina’s second term in office,” he said in a 2015 TV interview.


I am unsure as to why that would make any difference- after all, "investors" like Macri, and he, to quote the NYT today, Broke Everything. If your idea of "investors" is borrowing money at high interest rates from somebody in dollars, then I cant imagine anything better than scaring those vultures off.
The fact remains- Macri has failed, big time.
Bigger than K failed.
And, personally, I dont see export taxes as the way to save the country- maybe if they had a sliding scale, where the taxes were the highest on raw materials, and went down based on the amount of value added to the export by Argentina, with additional multipliers for living wage jobs...

The kind of "investors" they need are the battery companies- as in, only award lithium salts export contracts to companies that, in return, will build R&D facilities and manufacturing plants for lithium batteries.
Value added is the only way out of this hole. Exporting raw materials, even with export taxes, is a neverending downward spiral.


It looks like the election will go the second round and if this is the case the economic situation in the next days will be very precarious . It would have been best that Alberto Fernandez won outright to calm the argentinian people as well as the internal markets .

9pm update Fernandez wonnnn
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Does anyone really believe there will be investors now? There were none under Macri, only the foolish IMF. I doubt they'll be lending more.