The woman falls off a moving train at La Matanza

What a shit stretcher. Imagine having fallen under a train only to moved in a wheely chair all the way to the ambulance.

I think the news article said she had a drop in blood pressure and passed out.
she apparently has blood pressure and fainting spells. this one just happened at the worst time
This woman actually jumped off the platform in front of the train
She was quite careful not to fall across the rail, that might actually have been dangerous to her. Just someone looking for attention.

It's bloody nasty for the drivers, they end up with PTSD having to deal with idiots like this every few days. Not what you buy into when you get a job as a train driver.

Apologies to anyone on the forum with experience of mental illness if my comments are out of line.
Two differnt accidents...!
Yes, obviously. There was no intention to imply otherwise. But I must politely insist that "incident" is a better word than "accident". The event which I posted was coldly deliberate - nothing accidental about it.

The hammering dramatic music is over the top, but that's .../r/argentina for you.