Theather Classes


Hi there, Does anybody know of any Theater/drama courses in Buenos Aires? It can be either in english or Spanish.

I'd appreciate any info you can give.

Thanks :)


Hi sonygael,

Here is a website I came across looking for exactly the same thing: Unfortunately, a lot of these classes started in March/early April. Also, many of the courses run until next summer (which is only a problem if you're not going to be here for very long). There are a few month-long improv classes, though.

The only English theatre I could find was the Teatro en Ingles, but it's more suited to those learning the language.

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much Kristen,
That was very helpful. I am going to have a look at it anyway, I am going to stay here for another 6 months, I will find something.
I speak spanish as well, I don't mind the language really, just want to be involved with Theatre.

Olivia :)