Theatre, museum, and bookstore junkies wanted

33 year old English speaking foreigner seeks partner in crime to check out the Spanish language cultural side to BsAs. Dont worry, my Spanish sucks also, but this could be fun.

Hi, Confirmed theatre, museum and bookstore junkie here. I`ve been here 3 months. It`s hard to find english speakers. I will be at the dinner in San Telmo tomorrow. Maybe I`ll run into you there. Jeff

Right here.Theatre, museum, bookstore, music and film junky.And some sort of transnational freak as well, I´ll do the talking in Spanish if you promise to end this linguistic loneliness.


Oh you're depressing me! Making me question whether it's a good idea to come down there with my poor poor spanish skills in tow! However, I think I will anyway :)


I am a mid twenties European. Have been living here (bsas) for about 8 months. Always up for meeting new expats and exploring porteño nightlife so...