There is hope, America


pikto99 said:
The Health Care idiotic debates are pointless. US and global economy MUST be fixed first.
All their sucked-out-of-finger reports on this and that are manipulated BS just to get us out of Da Major One. Public attention is driven away from the most important problem: when those FRS crooks will be stopped.
Who gives a rats ass to ANY proposal if country is sinking regardless of their "data" releases. And the Health Care is definitely not the Numero Uno problem to begin with.
It's probably just a diversion from the real issues. You definitely have a point, when bankruptcy hits, there will be no health care reform anyways.

You don't have politicians, you have actors.


ReemsterCARP said:
I hope this won't influence the introduction of universal health care in the States.
I pray to God that it kills the entire health care reform, insurance reform, whatever the hell they are calling it now. And kills it dead. Our government has absolutely NO business addressing this issue right now. EVERYTHING else should take a backseat to the economy and jobs. Including the climate change scam as well, it should be dead. Backroom deals and pork - dead.

The very future of the US and much of the world depends on the condition of our economy and jobs. To be working on anything else and spending money needlessly and shamelessly is criminal as far as I'm concerned.