thinking of a cat....


Sep 22, 2009
while i realize that a majority of the cats in this city currently occupy the jardin botanico and parque centenario i was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere i could get a year old cat or so...perferably female....
i'd love to not spend a fortune on her but as long as there are good vets nearby that's good...
any suggestions would be all the same it possible to take a cat back over from here to north america?

thanks :)
You can travel with your cat back to to the US. You will find information in these pages:
You might also want to call your embassy and ask if there are any particular requirements for live animals taken from Argentina (vaccines, vet certificates, etc.). For getting the cat, the vet is probably a good choice if you want one with all the papers, or maybe a shelter, if you want to adopt a stray. Good luck!
mercadolibre also has some cats for adoption, usually for pretty cheap, but there are also some pedigreed kittens on there. it can be pretty hit or miss, so you just have to check back every so often to see if they have what you want.
Try They have centers in Palermo and Caballito where they accept kittens and cats with problems that are offered for adoption. The website has photos of cats that are currently available.

Or ask the guards at the Botonical Gardens if you can give a home to one of the hundreds that live there.
i can reccomend them personally, we got our cat there and couldnt have asked for them to be nicer
If you want a free cat, there are plenty that hang around my parents building. I have seen people come and feed these poor cats. You can find them right on the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Segui, actually a few meters walking down north towards Segui. You will find them hanging out on the wall which divides the gardens of the building called Torre Aisenson from the sidewalk. I'm sure you will find kittens there as well.