thinking of moving to Buenos Aires


Dec 22, 2009

I am Gabriela, I am from Buenos Aires but left Argentina 8 years ago, I lived in many countries in Europe, I am currently living in Brussels, working as a press officer in an European organisation and processing mymove back to Buenos Aires or Santiago for personal reasons and I am finding it is a very complicated decision. The reasons to leave are many and important but I am quite "rooted" in this continent as well, so I am trying to make up my mind about it.

I hope your life experience in Argentina is a favorable one, that you enjoy the positive sides to life and can ignore the disadvantages.

I would like your advice on the job situation, I have only contacted Korn Ferry Consultants and checked some websites for job seekers. How do you consider the job situation in Buenos Aires or Santiago ? Can you give me some ideas of how to start my jobhunting? I feel a little lost because Im still trying to process the decision and I will be quite demanding about the conditions of my move. I find it is going to be hard for me to readapt to Buenos Aires and people's mindset there. I will get the warmth and the lively way of relating with others that porteños have but I will have to leave a lot behind too. Thank you for taking the time to answer...

Hi Gaby

Good luck with your move back. Have a lot of argentine friends here who have done similar - spent a decade in europe/US before moving back. Will definitely take some getting used to, but you might end up finding a new group of friends out of it that you otherwise wouldn't have made.

Work situation really depends on what type of work you are going for. From personal experience it was nearly impossible to arrange work from europe, everything needed to be done here. Personal connections and contacts seemed to count for a lot, so if you have any friends here who work in related industries it might be worth calling in a few favours.

Wishing lots of luck with your move

Gabriela, this is a decision that only you can make. You should very seriously consider whether you are happier where you are now than you would be if you came back to your native country.

If you are in a position to keep a good job, a group of friends, and a life you like, don't fall for the 'grass is always greener on the other side' dilemma. Many speculate that Argentina is on the verge of political collapse, which is a bit alarmist in my opinion, but things could be better. Also, the job climate is not ideal and jobs generally go to someone who has a connection with someone inside the company, so you might find the job hunt frustrating and fruitless if you don't know someone who can place you in a good position.

My advice would be to visit Argentina for a few weeks before making any long-term decisions about where to live.

JP and other abbreviation offenders: she referred to herself twice as 'Gabriela.' Don't you find it a bit presumptuous/intimate to shorten her name to Gaby?
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thank you for your answers. I never thought of coming back to Buenos Aires when I left the country 9 years ago. Brussels is an international city, people are quite individualistic and do not stay more than 2 or 3 years in town, I guess that in Geneva- where I lived as well- and Washington, life is the same. Relationships of any kind are superficial. The main reason that is making me consider to go back to the South is my family, for my mother is old and not well and in some time she won't be able to travel any more. What "scares" me a little is people in Argentina, the argentinians, I had always felt not very comfortable there, for I never found Argentinians open-minded, I think my culture of origin is quite mediocre.. I am quite negative about it... as you may see... Concerning jobs, thank you for being so honest and realistic in your input, it is true, you need to know someone in a company in order to get an interview, there were in the past no formal procedures equal to everyone for jobhunting.
I am in this dilemma, giving more importance to family in this moment of my life but at the same time I am settled in and got used to another culture and another way of life...
thank you a lot for your time and for reading my thoughts..

Is it possible to relocate your mother to where you live currently? If the only thing that is really drawing you back to Argentina is your mom, it might be worth it to try to talk her into retiring in another country where you can care for her.

It is a tough decision and I wish you the best of luck. I moved to Argentina with my husband almost 3 yrs ago, and oddly enough it was husband who could not adapt to his own country. He had lived in the US for 10 yrs and returned for his family. That being said we have decided to move back to the US. My husband loves America...I sure he wants to be an American. lol....But it was a really hard adjustment for him since he got so use to the way americans do things including business. And it is true, that here, you really need to have connections/contacts to find a good job.

Again I wish you the best of luck with your decision, especially considering that you have family to think of. I am thankfuly that i have the opportunity to get reaquaitned with my cousins, etc and see my parents again...
Gabriela: maybe the best thing to do for you could be to take a long vacation here, check the place out, look for a job, etc; and then decide!
Good luck