Tigre, large event space with pool. Suggestions?


Does anyone know of an event space in Tigre that would have room for 100 people to eat (does not have to be formal dining) and have sufficient space for them to spend the day hanging out on the beach?????

The place also needs to have a pool. I have been looking online and I only find hostels or cabana rentals.

I need to rent this place on a Friday during the day -- no overnight stay.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!!


It seems you´re looking for a quinta.
But maybe the rowing club of tigre it´s the place.
By the way, what do you mean by "hanging out on the beach"¿?


By hanging out I mean that the guests can just relax on the beach, that there would be a volleyball court or kayaks, ping pong tabls, ect. .. . just general other recreational things to do.

Thanks for the links!