To and from bus details??


May 18, 2009
Is there a website that you can type in the "from destination" and the "to destination" and it will calculate which bus to take?
Thanks soooo much for the Mapa Interactiva. Maybe comoviajo es better if you are traveling outside the city proper, but I think this Mapa Interactiva is amazing, the bus routes pop right up in color when you click on the line to show you the route for walking and traveling. And it doesn't prompt you as much as comoviajo does, so you get your answer quickly. I have never seen this map before. I LOVE IT! Thank you!! Thank you!! No more outdated Mapa Inteligente route finder program cerca 2003 for me!
Don't thank me, thank our good friend Macri...

If only he would stop worrying about becoming president (and his reputation) and focus on finding more creative solutions to the city's many problems.

Do be careful with the map however, as the popup tells you when you enter it is still in Beta. And I am not 100% sure how quickly it will be updated once Santa Fe is doble mano.


P.S., check out the city's website, they just created a new sub-site about the transit reorganization.

P.P.S., If these kind of things interest you (urban design, management) check out this series, and this episode in particular. It is PBS, so you can either proxy it, or just keep looking until you find a site that runs here.