To Introduce Myself


To introduce myself, I am a single 48 yo male from Scotland, and have worked in the oil & gas sector for over 10 years.

I am planning a short trip to BA in September 2009 to familiarise myself with city life and the Argentine way. I hope to return in Spring next year to stay on a more permanent basis by securing suitable employment. I have a degree in Quantity Surveying and a Masters Degree in Drilling Engineering. Any advice and guidance would be greatly received and appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hawkaye Pearce


Hawkaye said:
To introduce myself, ... Hawkaye Pearce
Welcome to the forum, Hawkaye - with or without haggis :D

I suggest that you read through the threads in 'Expat Life' and 'Newcomers', which both contain much information about what to expect.

With a couple of exceptions ;) :D you'll find people on this site very helpful and friendly.

I am one of the exceptions - won't name the other person without advice from my lawyer...


Thanks John,

I'll be reading through the htreads on hear over the next few weeks for seasoning & flavor.