Tortugas - Part of the Polo Triple Crown!


Sep 15, 2009
The Campeonato Abierto del Tortugas Country Club is one the three championships of the Argentine Triple Crown of polo. The other two are Hurlingham and the Argentine Open in Palermo.

The trouble is that Tortugas Country Club is really hard to get to. Does anybody know if there's some kind of shuttle or some more direct means of getting there aside from hiring a remise, renting a car or changing buses 12 times?


I worked in that area for two years (parque industrial tortuguitas- a couple of blocks from Tortugas ) and I went back and forth by car..... the 57 diferencial left me some 8 or more blocks away....

There are combies that get to the Tortugas club.....and come to the city but you would need someone form within the club to get the info I think....

I would be interested in going and I would go by car..... you are welcome to join me if you wish.... :)


The Pilar Express should get you close. There are definitely combis as well - have you tried calling & asking the club what the best option is?

Just an FYI - it started this week but be sure to call before you go - they will cancel games for rain and there is a lot of rain in the forecast.

I'm planning on heading out this weekend (weather permitting, it's supposed to rain) so hopefully will get a chance to meet you in person!
Smirky If I were you (and hope I´m not being too annoying here)
I would make sure I took the diferencial service (it´s more a coach than a bus)
It leaves from Plaza Italia .....
you will need a bunch of coins but you will be there quicker.
The differencial makes no stops in the province until it reaches the toll booth in Tortuguitas.... I´s say it takes 40/45 min..... while the ordinary 57 stops in every stop in the province so add 45 min to the ordinary journey.... but that´s my 2 cents