Total solar eclipse in Argentina December 14, 2020


Who else is going somewhere along the path of the total eclipse later this year? It'll be passing West to East, crossing Neuquén over to San Antonio Oeste / Viedma. I've been looking forward to this for years... but I'm in the US since March and it's not certain I'll be able to come back by December.


Some links with more info:




I’m very interested in seeing this, it would be my first total eclipse. I saw package tours are available from between $2000 aimed at locals and 5000 for the international market, per person all departing from Buenos Aires. I’ll just leave those data points out there, I’m thinking that if all goes to plan and I get a car in October or November I’ll drive the 11+ hours to the path of totality in December. I saw almost no availability for flights to Madryn or Trelew, and I can very well imagine hotels and guesthouses will be both very expensive and also booked out. Anyone have a better idea?