Train to Cordoba


I recently went to Cordoba on the train and thought I would share a little bit of my experience. This is probably only going to suit those who are on a tight budget though.

I had to buy the tickets six weeks in advance (which wasn't a problem for us), but the return trip per person was only $56 (pesos) each, compared to $500 (pesos) each on the bus.

We travelled clase turistica, which is just a seat - and the train trip was incredibly long (16.5 hours there, 18 hours on the return) - so we didn't sleep very well on the train, but still, we saved ourselves a bunch of cash. The train left on time from each place, although obviously didn't arrive on time.

They sell some food on the train, but we brought our own stuff to get us by.

The windows have a strong perspex protective sheet over them, which were scratched up but we could see out of the windows just fine.

There was a bit of heating at night, and the windows opened, so it was cool during the day - so as far as that goes, it was pretty comfortable. We still had our own blanket with us that we used, but we probably could have managed without it (and just used a jumper overnight).

The next class up had seats that recline a bit, and were individual seats, so it looked a bit more comfortable/restful.

Obviously the downside of the train is that you need to book so far in advance, and it's unlikely that you can change the return date at short notice (we were returning during Semana Santa, so there was no chance of a date change, even though we wanted to change dates - although it probably wouldn't be totally different at normal times).

The class up from us was $96 (pesos) per person return, so it's still a good deal.

That's about it for now.

Happy budget travelling!