May 26, 2006
I just returned from a 6 week vacation abroad. I travelled to Uruquay, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Thailand and Nepal. I can say without a doubt the best and most wonderful time was in Thailand and Nepal. The country is beautiful, romantic and relaxing. The people were so friendly at times it seemed to be too much, but that was never the case.
In Nepal we travelled extensively even taking a private plane to the top of the world, Mt. Everest. We met some intresting climbers and some who were not so lucky during their attempt to reach the summit. Did anyone know that Mt. Everest grows every year by a 1/4 of an inch. It was to say the least breathtaking.
One city we vistied Bhaktapur was like stepping back in time. It was awesome to see how they lived 3000 years ago and still do to some extent.
Bangkok was enticing and the prices were absolutely out of this hemisphere. We had to buy two extra bags to bring all the loot home.
One of the biggest and astounding thing we learned was almost everyone spoke english fluently. They are really tied into the tourist business unlike Argentina, Bolivia, Chile or Brazil. Perhaps these countries could take a lesson from Nepal and Thailand. Tourism is booming threre in both countries. If you want them ( tourists ) it is best to learn to talk with them so you can sell them your country, your merchandise, products etc. It really works.
Would I go back? Certainly would. It was an experience I shall never forget.
As for Argnentina, well she does have a lot to offer and now I am going to spend some time touring this great place.

I have been to all of the himalayan countries but Bhutan, but none of them are like Nepal. I can't wait to get back! I am surprised to hear that you found Thailand cheap . I was there in 2000 and in 2007, and thought that prices had gone up a huge amount. A hotel that cost me 20 dollars in 2000 cost 50 in 2007. That differential seemed to be the norm.Ken
The prices we paid for hotels in BKK and later in the islands off Thailand were in the price range of 20.00 to 30.00USD. Also I purchased suits for 179USD which included 2 shirts, 2 pants, ties and a belt plus a kimono for that price.
We stayed on an island Lantau for 5 days, 15usd per day. We went on a canal trip for 4 hors for 22usd.
No Thailand is now flooded with tourists and it is the place to buy.
But Nepal was our gemstone with the people, the food, the goods produced, the way of life, and even tho poverty is plain to see, they always smiled and laughed at what ever they did.
I love Nepal and all it has to offer.