I'm renting a car and going to drive to Bariloche. I would really appreciate any suggestions on places to stop at and/or see along the way. Also, any hotel suggestion. I have a friend and place to stay in Bariloche so really looking for the trip there.



I did the trip by car, several times, but soo many years ago that I am not sure if some of the info I have regarding hotels is still relevant. But in terms of routes: a "straight shot" route will take you through La Pampa, a very deserted stretch. I advise you check what are the best roads nowadays, when I used to do it it was La Pampa - Gral Acha - Chacharramendi - 25 de Mayo - Neuquen (looking at Google maps while I type this). Not much to see there, it gets really hot in summer so it may be best if you plan to sleep in La Pampa and do this during the early morning. After that, the drive Neuquen-Bariloche along the Limay river is nice with some very scenic spots, or you can even detour to San Martin de los Andes (but probably you'll do that with your friend).


I've done the reverse trip Bariloche - BA and took a bit of a round about route. First south to el bolson and then on to esquel (checked out butch cassidy's house - give it a skip) and parque nacional de los alceres (stunning), before crossing the country on 25 (beautiful scenery for most of it) and landing in Trelew. Then after seeing punta tomba (penguins) and penisula valdez (whales), I headed north to viedma/carman de patagonia (cool towns if not a ton to do) stayed a day or so and then passed to bahia blanca (cool old bulidings) before checking out some of the costal towns around there and heading up to bsas.

Long trip, lots of kms, but, by far, the best thing I've done since coming to this country.


Hi, I've also done this trip a few times and I agree with the post above that it is very nice to do it all the way down to Trelew and then cross towards Esquel through RN 25. However, this adds lots of km and money.

A more direct way and nicer way than going through La Pampa province, as first suggested, is to take RN 3 and RP 51 to Bahia Blanca, and then RN 22 to Neuquen and then RN 237 to Bariloche. This is just 100km more than going through La Pampa but the landscape is more interesting.

For example, you could stop in Sierra de la Ventana, which is a lovely resort in the hills (sierras) of the southern Buenos Aires province. This, together with the area of Tandil, is the only area in the province that has little mountains (1200m) and the landscape is quite pretty, check some photos on google map. That's 600km from BA and then you have 1000km to Bariloche. So, provided you start early you can get to Sierra de la Ventana early afternoon, check it out and then the following day do the rest.

As you take RN 22 and you pass the town of Chelforo, you will enter the Alto Valle of Rio Negro that is the most important fruit production area in Argentina, and now are also producing wine.

Another option instead of stopping in SDV, is to do it in Rio Colorado or Choele Choel. But these are pretty sleepy towns. The good thing is that they are right at the middle of the trip, so its around 850km for each half.

Just a thought hope it helps.


Thank you all for the really great suggestions. We are delayed and won't be leaving until next Tuesday so would appreciate anything anyone wants to add.

I will report back when we return.


Just outside bariloche in Llao Llao is Los Juncos, It's a wonderful place to stay! Flavia is the hostess and Gaby a truly talented chef. There are beautiful views of Lake Nahuel Huapi and the Andes from most rooms. I can't recommend it highly enough.

You can also read what other people say about them on trip advisor.