Tucumán to Buenos Aires 2009


Aug 29, 2005
Inevitably, I end up missing BsExpats functions whenever I´m in Argentina. Our flight will be leaving on March 3rd.

Sounds like fun, though. We´ve done the family trip again, but this time spent a week in the wonderful city of Tucumán, which perhaps doesn´t have the Euro charm of BsAs, but is pretty great nonetheless.

Managed to get some sightseeing in, thanks to the fine folks at Turismo Tucuman. I highly recommend http://www.turismoentucuman.com/index.asp. We purchased a guided tour (in a taxi, no less) and saw the lovely towns of Raco, Siambón, and other such spots, high above the city of Tucumán.

I can´t say much about food and drink, though. We had the good fortune of home cooking, much of which was not in the traditional asado style. However, there was ample table wine.

Anyway, tomorrow we´re off to the tiny town of Simoca, where my grandmother lives, and then to BsAs, where we´re staying in San Telmo. I hope to hit some shops and pick up last minute knicknacks for pals back in Cleveland, Ohio.


Edward A. Sotelo
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