Tucuman.......Having a Blast!


I have my departure from Argentina coming in just a few weeks, already sold my dept, and decided to travel a bit.

I have been in Tucuman for the past 10 days and having a freaking ball! Very poor, but awesome people, great prices, awesome food, and for you single guys....being a single foreign guy in Tucuman is like fishing with dynamite.

Good place to check out...again..very poor up here but good folks and a chance to see a different Argentina.

Check it out!


Good to hear Cordobese!

My girlfriend is Tucumana and I have spent a fair bit of time up there. Been out heaps, never seen other tourists, the weather is good (as long as you like it warm). Rugby is more popular than fùtbol. It does have a lot of poor people, but there is a lot of wealth too. The people are lovely and friendly and the girls are beautiful.

Cordobese if you havent already you should go to Tafi Del Valle and San Javier (the hills).


Iznogud said:
How can you forget to mention the empanadas?
Well, I will die a happy man if I never eat another empanada in my life. To get up here, it is a long ride (15 hours) but I think its around 250 pesos from Retiro.
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Ceviche said:
I did love to go to . Tell us more about prospects for us single guys who are sick and tired of portenas.
It is really easy to strike up conversation with girls here...there are no foreigners and we seem to be quite exotic. I cant say I have gone out a single night without some sort of romantic encounter...atleast a good conversation and exchange of numbers. Spanish does seem to be quite necessary.


We LOVED Tucuman! It was part of the 14-day honeymoon motorcycle ride for me and my wife. Hence, I didn't get to do any fishing ... :)

The church on the square in the city of Tucuman is gorgeous. The grilled bread is excellent. Be sure to get to the Quilmes ruins.

Happy fishing ...


Cordobese said:
I have my departure from Argentina coming in just a few weeks, already sold my dept, and decided to travel a bit.

I have been in Tucuman for the past 10 days ....
Good place to check out...a chance to see a different Argentina.
Tucaman very good Salta la Linda even better IMHO

Maybe you have left it too late to discover "real" Argentina?

I dont find many who have travelled around who dont say how different.better is life in the Norte-Oeste and the Cuyo for that matter


My husband is a Tucumano and has never returned to the land of his birth. So we finally were able to go last week for 6 days. I'm sorry to say it was hell. They were burning the sugarcane fields as they do regularly and I couldn't breathe for the ash in the air. On top of that it hasn't rained there for several months and dust was everywhere. Even the flowers were covered with ashes and dust. The whole city of San Miguel was grey. We couldn't do any of the things we had planned, except for a difficult journey on the colectivo/lechero to Santa Ana where Ruben was born--just as ashy and dusty. We were very disappointed to mostly just stay in our hotel room the whole time.

If you enjoy breathing clean fresh air, I don't recommend going there. I never will again, unfortunately.