I TOTALLY Hate them! No, Im not talking about Argentinians but yes, I'm talking about ROACHES, Cock Roaches? Coach? I'm not sure what they are called but I hate them with a passion. Apparently, they are in the apartment complex I live in. Someway, they travel there little nasty asses into my apartment.. :eek: UGH! lol

Does anyone know what you can get to kill/elimate them?


If they are in the apartment complex you can't get rid of them without professional help, which involves the landlord. Buy some traps and poison in the supermarket, that will help a bit. You might want to consider moving if there are a lot of them. Good luck.



That's one thing I've never ever had a problem with in Buenos Aires.

You should talk to the portero or the management of the building and they will have to set up a day to come fumigate the whole building. Cockroaches live in the building itself, in the walls, cracks, etc, and cannot be just rid from one apartment.

In fact, every building I was ever in within the city had fumigations like once a month, or maybe every two. There were always notices in the elevators telling when they were going to be. I think the management of the building you're in is remiss in their duties.


Best thing to do is keep your place clean. And if you see them try not to step on them. If you step on a female and she has eggs they will get stuck to your shoes and you will track them around.

If you want to spray poison all over your place have fun. Once a month my building offers free apt fumigations but I always decline.


If they are a major problem, as in seeing many roaches as opposed to one every week or so, I second the notion that you should seriously consider moving. It's like trying to defend your part of the boat from sinking.


Oh man, I am right there with you. They would come into my apartment last year, and we aren't talking the little indoor ones - these were the HUGE ones you see on the sidewalk. Awful. Skin-crawling terrible, I tell you! I'm shuddering thinking about them right now. Below is my four-point plan of attack.

1) By law I believe your building is required to offer monthly fumigation. Be sure to tell your encargado that you want this fumigation scheduled and you want to know exactly when they are coming. Even though sometimes they come, the fumigator will often skip apartments and say he did the whole building. I used to stalk mine and I actually chased him down on the sidewalk once.

2) You can buy a gel that is quite effective in killing the little jerks. I don't remember what it's called but if you just walk into any hardware store and say 'necesito un jel (pronounced 'hell' more or less) para matar cucarachas' they'll get your drift. Put it near water sources or wherever you think they're coming in. They'll still appear in your apartment, but belly-up, which is a lot easier to get rid of.

3) Sweep often, clean your countertops, and don't leave any food out, ever. Also, try to keep your place as dry as possible as they need water to live - no standing water or dripping faucets.

4) Mine came at a rate of about 2-3 per week. If yours come much more frequently and nothing helps, it might be a lost cause and you should consider moving. If you try to address the problem via your encargado and after a month it still isn't resolved, you should be able to use that as a reasonable excuse to break a contract (but, as we've all read many times in this forum, 'reasonable' is not a common word among those in the real estate sector).

Best of luck!


Do the same rules apply to rental houses as well?

I would swear that our cucarachas are coming in from the sewer or whatever that dang stinky area is with the metal top outside in our laundry area. Maybe even coming up from the drains or something? Most are in my wife's bathroom (great...) which is right next to that area.

I feel like such an idiot asking this but... who do we call to come clean that thing out (it smells really bad), maybe seal everything off including drains on floor, and spray for bugs?


Shudder - I HATE them!!!!!!!! I just found one of those giant ones in my apt the other day. The exterminator tried to convince me that it wasn't a cockroach & that it had flown into my apt. I don't think so.

Get your apt exterminated every month and like someone said, be vigilant - no food out EVER.



What I did to get rid of cocroaches is to spray with Baygon or any other spray for roaches but I sprayed in the gutter taking out the lid in the bathroom once I finish I cover with a lid and something heavy, but when roaches are in the kitchen is a problem because you have to spray but being careful and not letting anything eatable on the counter and store fruits/vegetables/meat/bread in the refrigerator then you spray and go out from home for a couple of hours.

If you call a company which I did you also have to remove all the dishes, pots and pans from the cupboards......yes is a lot of work but for us!