Uk Link Debit Card Blocked & Where To Get A Few Dollars.


Nov 30, 2013

Hi all I am in a bit of a pickle. I have been in Argentina for a month now and stupidly got my visa debit card blocked when moving to a new hotel, as I could not remember the number. My bank in the UK have told me that to unblock it I need to go to a link machine here...which I did do but I could not see the options on the screen to change it.

Are the link machines the same here? or do I need to go to a certain bank? if at all I can unblock it...I hope so.

I've tried a few different bank atm's that had the link sign outside which I found on the redlink website after searching google, but could not see the option to change the 4 digit pin..and I have typed in the 2 different pins that I thought it was.

I am soon getting a pin reminder sent to my address in the UK you see and then I will remember it as it's one of the 2 4 digit numbers (I remember the old number but forgot that I changed it a few months back in the UK and was stressed and tired after a long day having to cancel 2 hotels as they tried to make me pay the 21% iva.....that is another story)

In the end my card got blocked and I can't now use it until I get the reminder which will be any day now once a family member opens it and tells me.

Can anyone help? has this happened to you before? It must be the link system. In the UK before I had to type in the password and then the option to change it was on the screen.

The second problem is this, and relates to the above. In a week I am returning to the UK and I'm travelling through the US between 2 airports in Washington (it was cheaper). I will need dollars for their bus system that I have researched online. Now. can I use my debit card to get dollars in the airport if I do not know the pin by then? can you just swipe the card and get them? I am sure that I did this on the way here when I went through Houston, and bought food and magazines etc...but not 100% sure. I think my mind may be going lol

I need about $10 only for the buses and metro etc. Or if not then where in Buenos Aires can I change pesos for dollars?

In fact I also have £10 UK money that I could use in the airport. but £5 of it is in coins. So now I am basically trying to make sure I have or can get the dollars so I do not have to worry when travelling home.

Any advice on the above problems will be great thanks...and if I can unblock my card then all will be well.

I can currently use it still online and got pesos the other day from Argenper so that is still fine and not blocked
I have dollars in small bills. If you want to change some argentine pesos for dollars, contact me via PM.

You will need to come get them in Microcentro, close to Avenida Santa Fe and 9 de Julio.

For the rate, we will contact a cueva and I will split the compra venta down the middle with you.
If I have any problems with my bank cards, the bank gets it straightened out for me. You can try this;

And here's some advice by one of your local members.

Xoom lets you transfer $$$ from your US bank account. or US CC card.
You get pesos here. You can transfer up to $3.000 U$D a month. Only works with a US bank account or a US CC.
In Montevideo, Uruguay the ATM's there will give USD greenbacks so I've been told.
Also the xoom company there will give you USD if you ask. Or they used to I don't know if they still do.

And a good place to check with, would be the Embassy. Hope this helps!